How rich is Angela Martin? Net Worth, Height, Weight

January 1, 2020

Angela Martin Net Worth

How Much money Angela Martin has? For this question we spent 25 hours on research (Wikipedia, Youtube, we read books in libraries, etc) to review the post.

The main source of income: Actors
Total Net Worth at the moment 2022 year – is about $22 Million.



Angela Martin informationSpouse:List of The Office characters (U.S. TV series) Children:Philip

Height, Weight

:How tall is Angela Martin – 1,82m.
How much weight is Angela Martin – 55kg


Angela Martin Net Worth
Angela Martin Net Worth
Angela Martin Net Worth
Angela Martin Net Worth


Angela Noelle Schrute (n?e Martin, formerly Lipton) is a fictional character from the US television series The Office played by American actress Angela Kinsey. She is an original character, and has no equivalent in the original British show, The Office.
Biography,In addition to heading the accounting department, Angela is also the former head of the Party Planning Committee. She is a constant source of complaints to Human Resources, although she retracts those lodged against Dwight Schrute at the onset of their secret romance. Angela lives with several cats, adores posters of infants posed as adults, and is a vegetarian and a singer. When she makes a mistake, Angelas first response is usually to shift the blame to someone else, along with an insult. Angelas extreme religious homophobia makes her dislike Will & Grace (although she says its because its terribly loud), except for the scenes with Harry Connick, Jr. (Hes so talented). She is a former child beauty pageant contestant, and says that she enjoys being judged. She tends to list colors that she finds whorish, including orange and green, that always seem to correspond to the color of clothes being worn by either Phyllis or Meredith. Angela bottles up her emotions to the point that, on occasion, she has private, emotional outbursts over relatively trivial matters. She also seems to be something of a conservative (albeit hypocritical) Christian. She states that the two books she would bring with her to read if stranded on a deserted island are the Bible and The Purpose Driven Life. Further, she would bring The Da Vinci Code, but only so she could burn it. She despises the mystery novel genre because, in her words, I hate being titillated. However, in a deleted scene from Dream Team, she says her new boss Charles Miner is mysterious and wants to flip to his last page. In a deleted scene from Season 3, Angela glowingly compares Dwight to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. She says in Prince Family Paper that her ideal of male beauty is Boris Becker.She was mainly seen as a minor character in the first two seasons but since starting her relationship with Dwight her character has been explored numerous times and has been so further since their break-up in Fun Run. Throughout season 3 and carrying on into season 4, Angela essentially became the second lead female of the show, after Pam Beesly.Angela has a sister to whom she was very close but has not spoken in sixteen years over a disagreement she does not even remember, a situation that she regards with a great deal of pride. She appears unable to apologize, as further detailed in Product Recall when she cannot bring herself to say sorry on behalf of the company (saying instead our official position is apologetic), and in The Return when she uses a wordy, third-person monologue as a way of apologizing to Oscar for being homophobic. She did, however, say she was sorry to Kevin for being mean twice in The Accountants.It was revealed in The Return and confirmed in Happy Hour that her middle name is Noelle.Angela drives a light brown first generation Ford Focus sedan, as seen in The Dundies and The Client. In the season six episode Niagara, she is seen to drive a second generation Saturn S-Series (which Oscars roommate Gill used to drive).Angelas petite size is a running gag of the show. Angela claims to weigh eighty-two pounds and wears a childs size ten (Womens Appreciation). In addition, because she finds the clothes at Gap Kids to sometimes be too flashy, she occasionally shops at the American Girl store, buying items meant for large colonial dolls. Michael has twice made fun of her stature, nicknaming her Booster Seat in reference to small children having to sit on one in restaurants. He later roasted her during Stress Relief by saying he couldnt see her when she was hiding behind a grain of rice. Her 51 height is sharply contrasted to 61 Dwight.Angela ruled (in seasons 1-4) the Party Planning Committee (PPC) with an iron fist. Usually when a committee member suggests an idea, Angela immediately shoots it down with a mean comment or sharp rebuke. The PPC normally consists of Angela, Pam, Phyllis, and Meredith, although Meredith was naturally not present when the committee planned her surprise birthday party. Karen became a regular member of the PPC when she was transferred to Scranton, but was expelled by Angela for her unsuitable ideas during A Benihana Christmas. Ryan joined the committee to help plan the Christmas Party, and Oscar joined it to help plan his own Welcome Back party (The Return). Angela was particularly hard on Phyllis during Launch Party and was left with a huge burden when Phyllis got fed up and quit the PPC.It is implied in the webisode series, Blackmail, that she has or had a clandestine sexual relationship with her church pastor when Creed hands out envelopes containing incriminating information on several of his peers and Meredith opens her envelope and asks Whos Pastor Davis? prompting Creed to switch the envelopes between Angela and Meredith. After reading the note, Angela appears to be heavily embarrassed.In The Chump, Angela reveals that her four cats are named Ember, Milky Way, Diane, and Lumpy.In the season eight premiere Angela is married to Robert and pregnant. She is pregnant with her first child but she has a step son with Robert. Angela wanted to name her son Philip after her cat, but Pam (who is pregnant with her 2nd child) wanted the name Philip after her grandfather. Angela tried browbeating Pamela into giving up the name rights—in a deleted scene, she said Jim wouldnt take care of the name because he cant even get a decent haircut!—and after Pam rebuffed her, threatened to take the name first by having a C-section done (even though she would only be six months pregnant at the time). In the end, both children are named Philip.


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