How rich is Captain Ahab? Net Worth, Money

March 10, 2018

Captain Ahab Net Worth

Captain Ahab makes how much a year? For this question we spent 9 hours on research (Wikipedia, Youtube, we read books in libraries, etc) to review the post.

The main source of income: Musicians
Total Net Worth at the moment 2019 year – is about $210,3 Million.



Captain Ahab information Profession:Soundtrack, Composer Nationality:American Children:Unnamed son

Height, Weight

:How tall is Captain Ahab – 1,73m.
How much weight is Captain Ahab – 88kg


Captain Ahab Net Worth
Captain Ahab Net Worth
Captain Ahab Net Worth
Captain Ahab Net Worth


Biography,Born April 7th, Ahab was named by his insane, widowed mother, who died when he was twelve months old. At 18 years old, Ahab first took to sea as a boy-harpooner. Less than three voyages ago, Ahab married a sweet, resigned girl, with whom he has a young son. He has been in colleges and among the cannibals, and has seen deeper wonders than the waves. He has fixed his lance, the keenest and surest on the isle of Nantucket, in stranger foes than whales.Years ago, Peleg, now the co-owner of the Pequod, sailed as mate under Ahab. During that voyage, a typhoon near Japan swung her three masts overboard. Every moment the crew thought the ship would sink, the sea breaking over the slip. Yet instead of thinking of death, Captain Ahab and Peleg thought of how to save all hands, and how to rig jury-masts in order to get into the nearest port.According to Elijahs mysterious words, Ahab long ago lay for dead for three days and three nights off Cape Horn, was involved in a deadly skrimmage with the Spaniard afore the altar in Santa, and spat into the silver communion cup. Last voyage, a whale, the monstrousest parmacetty that ever chipped a boat, bit off Ahabs leg, and the pains in his stump made him, never jolly, desperate moody. Adding insult to injury, Ahab is dependent upon a whalebone for a prosthesis. Neither sick nor well, Ahab keeps close inside the house.Ahab is 58 years old at the time of the Pequods last voyage. Peleg and Bildad pilot the ship out of the harbor, and Ahab first appears on deck when the ship is already at sea. Instead of embarking on a regular whaling voyage, Ahab declares he is out for revenge and attaches a doubloon on the mast by way of reward for the crewmember who first sights Moby Dick, the white whale. When Moby Dick is eventually sighted, a disastrous three-day chase begins. Entangled by the line of his own harpoon, Ahab falls overboard and drowns as the whale dives and takes him along.Peleg refers to Ahab respectfully as a grand, ungodly, god-like man but he is also nicknamed Old Thunder.


Wikipedia Source: Captain Ahab

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