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January 1, 2020

Moby Net Worth

How much is Moby worth? For this question we spent 17 hours on research (Wikipedia, Youtube, we read books in libraries, etc) to review the post.

The main source of income: DJs
Total Net Worth at the moment 2021 year – is about $32 Million.



Moby information Birth date: September 11, 1965 Birth place: Harlem, New York City, New York, United States Height:5 ft 7 in (1.708 m) Profession:Disc jockey, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Film Score Composer, Photographer, Actor Nationality:United States of America Movies:Joes Apartment, Suck, The Ever After, Moby

Height, Weight

:How tall is Moby – 1,75m.
How much weight is Moby – 57kg


Moby Net Worth
Moby Net Worth
Moby Net Worth
Moby Net Worth


Richard Melville Hall, known by his stage name Moby, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and photographer. He is well known for his electronic music, vegan lifestyle, and support of animal rights. Moby has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. AllMusic considers …
Biography,Early life and nameRichard Melville Hall was born in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, to Elizabeth McBride (nee Warner), a medical secretary, and James Frederick Hall, a chemistry professor who died when Richard was two years old. He was raised by his mother in Darien, Connecticut.[11][12]According to Hall, his middle name and the nickname Moby were given to him by his parents because of an ancestral relationship to Moby Dick author Herman Melville: The basis for Richard Melville Hall—and for Moby—is that supposedly Herman Melville was my great-great-great-grand uncle.[13]He has also released music under the names Voodoo Child[14] and Schaumgummi.[15]During the 1980s, Hall played guitar for the hardcore punk band Vatican Commandos.[16] Later in the decade, he was a guitarist for the alternative rock group Ultra Vivid Scene and appeared in the video for their 1989 single Mercy Seat.[17][18]1991–1993: Go and rise to fameMobys first live solo performance was witnessed by future longtime manager Eric Harle, who later described the occasion to HitQuarters by saying: The music was amazing, but the show was riddled with technical mishaps. It left me very intrigued and impressed in a strange way.[19]Moby released his first singles for Instinct under several different names, such as Barracuda, Brainstorm, and UHF. His first single was a commercial failure—a rap record with vocalist Jimmy Mack, titled Times Up, featuring several remixes and stems for remixing.[20] Very few copies were ever sold.His first single under the pseudonym Moby was Mobility, but it was his remix of Mobilitys b-side, Go, that proved to be his first breakthrough. Go (Woodtick Mix), a progressive house track using the string line from Laura Palmers Theme from the TV drama Twin Peaks, reached the UK top ten in October 1991 and earned him his first appearance on Top of the Pops.[19] He released his eponymous debut in 1992. Some of his other singles in 1992 and 1993 were Next Is the E, Thousand (with its 1,000 Beats Per Minute tempo), and Voodoo Child.In 1991 and 1992 he remixed The B-52s, The Prodigy, Orbital, Bob Taggett – Mind Metal, Erasure, Michael Jackson and Ten City.[21] He also provided a rap for a Recoil track called Curse.[22]1993–1998: Everything Is Wrong, Animal Rights, and I Like to ScoreIn 1993, Moby signed with Mute Records (Elektra in North America) and released an EP titled Move. This became his second appearance on Top of the Pops.[23]He then released his first album on Mute Records (Elektra in North America), Everything Is Wrong, in 1995. Early copies in the UK and Germany came with a special bonus CD called Underwater. This was a 43-minute five-track instrumental ambient CD.Everything Is Wrong earned early critical praise (Spin magazine named it Album of the Year)[24] and some commercial success. He followed this up in early 1996 with the double album Everything Is Wrong—Mixed and Remixed.Disillusioned by the lack of feedback he was receiving from the music media, who struggled to comprehend the artists new electronic music and refused to take it very seriously, Moby decided to release a punk rock album, Animal Rights, in 1996.[19] It included a cover version of Mission of Burmas Thats When I Reach for My Revolver and was followed by a tour of Europe with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Soundgarden. The single Come on Baby from Animal Rights was Mobys third Top of the Pops performance. It was notable for its very aggressive look and sound. Ironically, just as Moby decided to change direction, the electronic music he had moved away from started to gain recognition and popularity through artists like The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.[19] Also in 1996, Moby contributed the song Republican Party to the AIDS benefit album Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip produced by the Red Hot Organization.According to manager Eric Harle, the album almost ruined his career, because the new direction not only left audiences cold—with music media uninterested and his existing fan base largely alienated—but led to people being confused as to what kind of artist Moby really was.[19] Harle has stated that Moby managed to wipe out all of his early good work and we found ourselves struggling for even the slightest bit of recognition. He became a has-been in the eyes of a lot of people in the industry.[19]In 1997, he released I Like to Score, a collection of his music that had been used in movies. Among those tracks were an updated version of The James Bond Theme used for the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, and New Dawn Fades (a cover of Joy Divisions original), which had appeared without vocals in Michael Manns film Heat.[25]Moby made a special guest appearance in an episode where Space Ghost is possessed by the Curse of Kintave of the Ghost Planet Industries original television series Space Ghost Coast to Coast.Moby performs a DJ set at NASA Rewind March 4, 2004, in New York City1999–2004: Play, 18, and worldwide successMobys success in the late 1990s led him to launch the Area One festival, he is seen here performing in 2001In 1999, Moby released the album Play. The album had moderate sales after its release, but eventually went on to sell over ten million records worldwide a year later. Every song on the album was licensed internationally to various films, advertisements, and TV shows, as well as independent films and non-profit groups.[26] Moby performed three times on Top of the Pops with singles from the album. Play mixes songs from Alan Lomaxs 1993 Atlantic recording Sounds of the South: A Musical Journey From the Georgia Sea Islands to the Mississippi Delta. For the song Natural Blues, Moby mixes Trouble So Hard performed by Vera Hall from the Alan Lomax Sounds of the South compilation.[27]In 2000, Moby contributed his song Flower to the intro of the Nicolas Cage remake of Gone in 60 Seconds.[28]In July 2001, Moby: PlaytheDVD was released. Produced by Moby and Jeff Rogers (Swell), the DVD was nominated for a 2002 Grammy award. The DVD included various sections: Live on TV, most of the music videos from the album (excluding South Side with Gwen Stefani), Give An Idiot a Camcorder (Moby was given a camcorder and the tape was later edited by Tara Bethune-Lea man), and an 88-minute Mega Mix of all the remixes created for the album. The Mega Mix was accompanied by visuals created in Toronto at Crush, led by director Kathi Prosser.[29]In 2002 Moby released the follow-up to Play, 18, which earned gold and platinum awards in over 30 countries, and sold more than four million copies. Moby toured extensively for both Play and 18, playing well over 500 shows in the course of four years.[30]He founded the Area:One Festival in 2001, a popular touring festival that features an eclectic range of musical genres. The Area:One tour featured Outkast, New Order, Incubus, Nelly Furtado, Paul Oakenfold, and Moby himself. Area2 tour (2002) featured David Bowie, Moby, Blue Man Group, Busta Rhymes, and Carl Cox.[31]In the next few years, Moby co-wrote Is It Any Wonder with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, remixed the Beastie Boys, David Bowie, Nas and Metallica, produced and co-wrote the track Early Mornin for Britney Spears fourth studio album In the Zone, and collaborated with Public Enemy on Make Love, Fuck War, which was released prior to the 2004 U.S. presidential election.[32] Moby also had his song Extreme Ways used in the Bourne movies.[33]In 2003, Moby headlined the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury.[34]2005–2008: Hotel, Last Night, and other workIn 2005, Moby released Hotel under the label Pacha. Instead of his relying on samples for vocals, all of the vocals and instruments were performed live in the studio, by Moby and vocalist Laura Dawn.[35]Hotel spawned two of Mobys biggest European hits, Lift Me Up and Slipping Away, both of which were number 1 European singles.[36] In the UK, ITV used a specially remixed version of Lift Me Up as its Formula 1 coverage theme music.In 2006, he accepted an offer to score the soundtrack for Richard Kellys 2007 movie Southland Tales, because he was a fan of Kellys previous film, Donnie Darko.[37]In 2007, Moby also started a rock band, The Little Death with his friends Laura Dawn, Daron Murphy, and Aaron A. Brooks.[38] The Little Death released an album in 2010. In 2008, Moby released Last Night, an eclectic album of electronic dance music inspired by a night out in his New York neighborhood (the Lower East Side). The singles from Last Night include Alice, Disco Lies, I Love to Move in Here, and Ooh Yeah. The album was recorded in Mobys home studio in Manhattan, New York and features a number of guest vocalists, including Wendy Starland, MC Grandmaster Caz (one of the writers of Rappers Delight), Sylvia from the band Kudu, British MC Aynzli, and the Nigerian 419 Squad.[39]From 2007 to 2008 he ran a series of New York club events titled Degenerates.[40][41]2009–2010: Wait for MeIn a November 2008 interview with SuicideGirls, Moby spoke about the follow-up album to Last Night: I want to make a really emotional, beautiful record. I dont know if I will succeed, but my goal is to make something very personal, very melodic, very beautiful.[42] On April 14, 2009, Moby confirmed that the album would be released on June 30.[43]I recorded the album here in my studio on the lower east side (although studio always seems like an overly grand word for a bunch of equipment set up in a small bedroom). In the past Ive worked in large and small studios, but for this record I wanted to record everything at home by myself, Moby said on his journal.[43] I started working on the album about a year ago, and the creative impetus behind the record was hearing a David Lynch speech at BAFTA, in the UK. David was talking about creativity, and to paraphrase, about how creativity in and of itself, and without market pressures, is fine and good. It seems as if too often an artists, musicians or writers creative output is judged by how well it accommodates the marketplace, and how much market share it commands and how much money it generates. In making this record I wanted to focus on making something that I loved, without really being concerned about how it might be received by the marketplace. As a result its a quieter and more melodic and more mournful and more personal record than some of the records Ive made in the past.[43]The album, titled Wait for Me, was released in June 2009.[44][45]Moby performing at the David Lynch Weekend, Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, April 26, 08.Moby and David Lynch discussed the recording process of the album on Lynchs online channel, David Lynch Foundation Television Beta.[46] The first single off the album was Shot in the Back of the Head, and the video was directed by David Lynch.[43] The single was available for free download from Mobys website.Wait for Me was mixed by Ken Thomas, who had previously produced some Sigur Ros albums.[43] According to Moby,mixing the record with him [Thomas] was really nice, as hes creatively open to trying anything (like recording an old broken bakelite radio and running it through some broken old effects pedals to see what it would sound like. Its on the record as a 45 second long track called Stock Radio). And as a geeky technical aside, we mixed the record using purely analog equipment in true stereo, akin to how records were mixed in the late 60s, some of the songs sound pretty amazing in headphones, if I do say so myself…[43]Moby toured for the album with a full band, something that occurred rarely during Mobys Last Night promotion, except for selected festival performances.[47] Moby raised between $75,000 and $100,000 to help those affected by domestic violence[48] after all funding for the states domestic violence program was cut in July. To do this, he donated the profits from his upcoming shows in California (San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). Moby headlined the Australian 2009 Falls Festival,[49] as well as the other Sunset Sounds festivals.[50]On February 22, 2010, Moby announced a UGC competition with Genero.TV asking his fans to create a videoclip, that will be serviced worldwide as the official videoclip for his upcoming single Wait for Me, the last single from the album. On April 19, Moby chose the winning videoclip out of 500 entries, based on its creativity, production value, concept, and humor.[51] The chosen videoclip, written and directed by Nimrod Shapira from Israel, portrays the story of a girl who decides to invite Moby into her life. She attempts to do so by using a book called How to Summon Moby Guide for Dummies, putting herself through 10 bizarre and comical steps (each is a tribute to a different Moby videoclip). The single was released on May 4, 2010.On May 3, 2010, Moby released the title track from the album, Wait for Me, as a single. It was released on .[52]2010–2012: DestroyedMoby promoting the Destroyed book and album at a performance and discussion in the Brooklyn Museum, 2011In January 2010, Moby announced that he was to begin working on his next record. He said the mood for this record will be more acoustic and less electronic than before.[53] Around this time Moby started a heavy metal band with his friend Phil Costello, Diamondsnake, getting back to his roots. Diamondsnake released two albums on facebook.[54]On February 15, 2011, Moby announced the release of his new album, Destroyed. It was released on May 16, 2011.[55][56] A photography book with the same name was also released around the time of the album.[56]Musically, he said, its very melodic and atmospheric and electronic, and if i had to sum it up i would describe it as: broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m. The album cover, which was released with the new information, was taken in LaGuardia Airport. It is a picture of a sign that reads destroyed, part of the longer phrase All unclaimed baggage will be destroyed.[56] The album consists of 15 tracks, one of them previously featured on the compilation A Night in NYC, titled Rockets. Along with the albums announcement came the release of the EP Be the One, which contains 3 of the tracks from Destroyed[56] The EP was released for free for those who signed up for Mobys mailing list.[55] For the next single, Moby put a poll on his website for fans to choose which single should be released next, and it came to be Lie Down in Darkness.[57]On August 30, Moby posted another request for the third official single, this time asking fans to say which should be next, without a poll.[58] After this, he announced the following day through his Twitter that the next singles are After and The Right Thing.[59]On April 30, 2012 Moby released Destroyed Remixed, a limited edition 2CD collection of remixes of songs from the 2011 studio album, Destroyed. The release included three new exclusive remixes by David Lynch, Holy Ghost!, and System Divine, and also featured a brand new 30 minute ambient track by Moby called All Sides Gone. Compiled and mixed by Moby, Destroyed Remixed was described as an eclectic mix of some the most exciting and interesting artists and DJs in contemporary music.2013–2015: InnocentsBetween February and August 2013, Moby performed both acoustic and DJ sets at the Wanderlust Festival, which hosted events in Hawaii, Vermont, California and Colorado in the United States, and also in Canada and Chile internationally.[60] He added a single Asia performance date at the 1 World Music Festival in Singapore.[61] Moby also performed two 75-minute DJ sets at the prestigious Coachella festival in April which featured a unique visual collaboration with NASA, with various images from space projected onto screens during the performance.[62] Moby followed-up with another DJ set at the Movement Detroit festival in May.[63]For Record Store Day 2013, Moby released a 7-inch record called The Lonely Night which featured former Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan. An accompanying video was created by Colin Rich, of which Moby stated: I’m really excited to have an experimental music video from this great video artist, and I feel like the slow, rich, and languorous desert visuals fit the song perfectly.[64] The track was subsequently released as a download with remixes by Photek, Gregor Tresher, Freescha and Moby himself.[65]In July, Moby announced that he would be releasing a new studio album entitled Innocents. The album had been written and recorded in the previous 18 months and was due for release in October. The album was recorded in Mobys apartment and features a number of guest vocalists, in keeping with earlier releases such as Play, 18 and Wait For Me. As with Destroyed, the photographs comprising the albums artwork were all shot by Moby. The first official single from the album is titled A Case for Shame while the previously released track The Lonely Night will also appear on Innocents. The album was produced by Grammy-winner Mark Spike Stent.[66] It was later revealed in August that The Perfect Life, which features Wayne Coyne, would be the next single, after a casting call for a music video was announced, calling for obese Speedo-sporting bikers, nude rollerskating ghosts, and an S&M gimp proficient in rhythmic gymnastics[67]Moby performed a DJ set in Las Vegas on September 1,[68] before flying to Australia to DJ at an intimate show in Sydney, on the 19th.[69] Moby will then DJ at the 10th annual Decibel Festival in Seattle.[70] He then returned to Los Angeles to perform three shows at the Fonda Theatre on October 3–5 to promote the album, which would be his only full live shows for 2013 and 2014.Moby stated that the reason for doing little to no touring for this album was that when I go on tour I sit around a lot (cars, airports, hotels, etc), and when I sit around I cant spend my time making music. And pretty much all I want to do in life is stay home and make music. So, thus: a 3 date world tour. [71] He conceded that he might return to world touring in the future.[71]2016–present: These Systems Are FailingIn September 2016 Moby announced a new album named These Systems Are Failing.[72] It was released on 14 October 2016 under the name Moby & The Void Pacific Choir.[73] The first official single of the new album Are You Lost In The World Like Me? was included in the announcement.[74] The video for that single, created by animator Steve Cutts, addressed smartphone addiction.[75] Earlier that year a first track Dont Leave Me of the then unnamed new album was made available at the same time as the announcement of the Circle V festival – a vegan festival created by Moby taking place on October 23 in Los Angeles, which is to feature his only live performance of 2016.[76]Film scoresMoby contributed two songs to the score of Michael Manns film Heat: a cover version of the Joy Division song New Dawn Fades, and the original composition God Moving Over the Face of the Waters.[77] The filmmakers of The Bourne Identity used Mobys song Extreme Ways to play over the credits of all the Bourne films. Moby explained in a 2012 interview, after rerecording the song for the fourth film, that the producers of the franchise sought a different musical work for the second film, but simply ran out of time, after which they accepted Extreme Ways as the accidental theme song for the entire series.[78]In 1997, Moby released an album of music that has appeared in films called I Like To Score. The compilation album features Moby songs that have appeared in films such as Cool World (1992), Scream (1996), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997).[79]CollaborationsThis section of a Biography, of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (September 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)Moby playing guitar with Joy Malcolm in 2008Moby has collaborated live with many of his heroes while on tour or at fundraisers. He has performed Walk on the Wild Side with Lou Reed, Me and Bobby McGee with Kris Kristofferson, Heroes and Cactus with David Bowie, Helpless with Bono and Michael Stipe, New Dawn Fades with New Order, Make Love, Fuck War with Public Enemy, Whole Lotta Love with Slash, and Thats When I Reach For My Revolver with Mission of Burma.He has performed two duets with the French singer Mylene Farmer (Slipping Away (Crier la vie) in 2006 and Looking for My Name in 2008) and produced seven songs on her eighth album, Bleu Noir, released on December 6, 2010.[80]In 2006, Moby released a Spanish version of his song Slipping Away called Escapar, in which the Spanish group Amaral took part.In 2012, he collaborated with Spain-based group Dubsidia, making dubstep and electro house.In 2013, Moby was responsible for the soundtrack of the documentary The Crash Reel, who tells the story of snowboarder Kevin Pearce.In 2014, Moby made the big room house track Delay with Lucky Date. The song was released by Spinnin Records.On October 16, 2015, Jean Michel Jarre released his compilation album Electronica 1: The Time Machine, which included the track Suns have gone co-produced by Jarre and Moby.[81]On September 24, 2016 Moby announced the release of an album titled These Systems Are Failing, released under the name Moby & Void Pacific Choir. The followed the release of two singles from Moby & The Void Pacific Choir in 2015, Almost Loved & The Light Is Clear In My Eyes.[82]


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